29 april 2022

Slotbijeenkomst HyDelta (1.0) | 17 juni Online

De eerste fase van het HyDelta project loopt ten einde. In het afgelopen anderhalf jaar hebben wij met het consortium veel onderzoek verricht. Het onderzoek richtte […]
28 maart 2022

Update: Deliverables 28 March

D31: Development of standards for hydrogen (De Laat, Hans) D4.1 Requirements for technical personnel and advice for reinforcing education (Van Greuningen, Suzanne)
31 januari 2022

Update: Deliverables 25 January

D1E.1 Impact of high speed hydrogen flow on system integrity and noise (González Díez, N.; van Lier, L.; Belfroid, S.; Meijer, I.) D1C.2: Tightness of distribution pipes (Kooiman, Arie; Lueb, […]
17 december 2021

Update: deliverable 17 November, 2021

D1C.1a Entry of air into a hydrogen pipeline in case of a pipe rupture (Lueb, Sander)
27 oktober 2021

Webinar 7 December: Progress Meeting 2

On Tuesday, 7 December we will present an update of our research results. You are welcome to join the webinar! In this HyDelta Plenary Progress Meeting […]
14 oktober 2021

Update: deliverable 13 October, 2021

D8.2 Assessment Admixing Schemes
13 oktober 2021

Update: deliverable 11 October, 2021

D2.1 Choice for a sulphur free odorant
5 augustus 2021

Update: deliverables 28 July

As the HyDelta program is designed to share knowledge and results for the benefit of all, you are welcome to view the latest outcomes in the […]
12 juli 2021

Recap First Results Webinar 30 June

On 30 June, a Webinar was held to share the first results of the HyDelta project. About 200 people attended the webinar to learn more about […]
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