A national research programme and collaboration

HyDelta aims to take away the technical and scientific barriers that prevent a large-scale implementation of the hydrogen economy in the Netherlands.

Consortium Members

Participants in the programme are DNV, Gasunie, Kiwa, New Energy Coalition, Netbeheer Nederland, TKI Nieuw Gas and TNO. HyDelta focuses on an integrated research approach to solutions for the research questions in the area of transport of hydrogen in the existing natural gas infrastructure. This is done to accelerate the widespread adoption of hydrogen as an energy carrier for different applications. The HyDelta consortium is currently working on several aspects of hydrogen application: from research about safety and feasibility to education and policy research, focused in the Netherlands.

Consortium partners


  • Terugkijken: Slotbijeenkomst HyDelta (1.0)
    De eerste fase van het HyDelta project is afgerond met de online slotbijeenkomst van 17 juni jl. HyDelta leverde tot nu 42 publicaties op, en die […]
  • HyDelta 2.0 kicks off
    Recently we kicked off the second phase of the HyDelta programme. A festive moment to mark the kick off and the succesfull cooperation of the HyDelta […]
  • Slotbijeenkomst HyDelta (1.0) | 17 juni Online
    De eerste fase van het HyDelta project loopt ten einde. In het afgelopen anderhalf jaar hebben wij met het consortium veel onderzoek verricht. Het onderzoek richtte […]
  • Update: Deliverables 28 March
    D31: Development of standards for hydrogen (De Laat, Hans) D4.1 Requirements for technical personnel and advice for reinforcing education (Van Greuningen, Suzanne)
  • Update: Deliverables 25 January
    D1E.1 Impact of high speed hydrogen flow on system integrity and noise (González Díez, N.; van Lier, L.; Belfroid, S.; Meijer, I.) D1C.2: Tightness of distribution pipes (Kooiman, Arie; Lueb, […]

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Dit project is medegefinancierd door TKI Nieuw Gas | Topsector Energie uit de PPS-toeslag onder referentienummer TKI2020-HyDelta

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