About HyDelta 

HyDelta is a public-private partnership, a Dutch national research programme and collaboration facilitating the large scale implementation of hydrogen. Research results are published and freely available.

The aim of the programme is to empower the hydrogen economy by resolving technical, scientific and social barriers, especially in the distribution of hydrogen.

The research 

The HyDelta research programme is divided into phases, with HyDelta 3 currently running. Our main focus:

  • Practical hydrogen safety and emissions
  • Asset management and quality assurance
  • Economic and social aspects
  • Standards, digitalisation and components of the energy system

All research deliverables are freely available!

Consortium Members


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Dit project is medegefinancierd door TKI Nieuw Gas | Topsector Energie uit de PPS-toeslag onder referentienummer TKI2020-HyDelta, TKI2022-HyDelta en TKI2023-HyDelta

DISCLAIMER: This website as well as the deliverables resulting from the HyDelta project reflect only the respective author’s view

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